Already presented at the Bologna Motor Show, Fiat Fiorino now receives an MPV version able to carry up to five people

There will soon be two Fiat Fiorino in the world. The first one, still on sale on the Brazilian market (at R$ 35,480, the equivalent to € 13,903), derives from the Fiat Uno (yes, that one from the 1980’s, also still on sale in Brazil, and selling a lot). It is the white one on the gallery at the right. The second one is this green vehicle, a modern people mover that will be previewed at the Geneva Motor Show.

This is not the first public appearance of the 3.96 m long MPV. It has been first seen by the public in the Bologna Motor Show, last November, and Fiat them has stated the car was 3.86 m long… Or the vehicle has grown 10 cm in a short period of time, or the MPV version is really 10 cm larger (in Bologna, the only version presented was the van), or the first press release about the car was wrong. We will find it out and tell you later. Fiorino is for sale in Italy since December 2007 and its base price it € 9,100 in Italy. Cheaper than its same-name Brazilian relative…

At the Geneva Motor Show, people who have not seen the Fiorino so far will have the chance to meet the little green creature, which happens to be smaller than its Uno predecessor (with the same name, but 4,18 m long), and know that it will have two engine options, a 1.3-litre 16V Multijet diesel, delivering 75 cv, and the 1.4-litre Fire petrol engine, which generates 75 cv. The Brazilian Fiorino uses a 1.3-litre Fire engine that generates 71 cv with ethanol and 70 cv with petrol, what may make people believe it is more fuel efficient than the European version. Brazilian people would rather not have that advantage and get the fresh Fiorino instead, for sure.

Fiorino is the Fiat model for the Citroën Nemo and the Peugeot Bipper. Produced in partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroën, the vehicle comes in three versions: base, SX and Adventure. This last one has a 2 cm heightened suspension to deal with bad terrain conditions, especially useful in emerging markets and only aesthetically appealing for Europe. In Brazil, it would more likely be a replacement for the ageing Doblò than for the other Fiorino.

Gallery: Fiat Fiorino MPV Previewed at the Geneva Motor Show