Never heard a car sing? Well click on this link and watch and listen to a V8 Supercar practicing in the pits

The V8 Supercar series from downunder is a thunderous event. The V8 engines bark, crackle and roar and although they sound amazing, they couldn’t be described as melodic.

Well apparently they can. Some clever race Engineers have linked a laptop up to one of their race engines and composed a tune in honour of one of Australia’s most iconic folk songs. The song, called Waltzing Matilda, is a story about a bushman who stops near a billabong (small lake) to make a cup of tea. He steals a sheep for food but is found by the police. He then drowns himself in the Billabong rather than face capture. The song is considered by many to be Australia’s unofficial National Anthem.

Anyway that is enough of Australian history for the time being. The Engineers have paid careful attention to the tone and pitch that the V8 engine makes at different engine speeds and mapped it against the tone and pitch of the Waltzing Matilda tune. Even if you don’t know the tune it’s still impressive to watch and listen.