Reiter Engineering Takes Lamborghini Gallardo Strada Skiing [Video]

Exclusive Lamborghini race team and motorsports development company Reiter Engineering has taken their Lamborghini Gallardo Strada on a ski trip for a promotional video.

Following a little playing around at the base of the intermediate ski slope, the GT3 race class inspired Gallardo zooms up the hill at impressive speed thanks to special spiked winter tires and all-wheel drive.

The Gallardo Strada (road version) is based heavily on the standard car with its 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V10. But Reiter's conversion features carbon fibre bodywork that includes fenders widened by 60mm, new front fascia, side skirts and a large carbon fiber rear wing.

The single large exhaust pipe reduces weight and helps add extra horses. Under normal driving conditions, rubber is courtesy of sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 2. Standard seats have also been replaced by leather racing units.

Gallery: Reiter Engineering Takes Lamborghini Gallardo Strada Skiing [Video]