You won’t see many Ferrari 612 Scaglietti's on the road but imagine seeing one in the middle of India. Tata watch out

It appears Ferrari is frustrated that owners of this most Italian of brands are not taking their vehicles seriously. Most Ferraris are weekend cars that are generally found cruising the beach boulevards of Miami, tip toeing around a race circuit on a track day or taking the weekly Sunday trip down to the car wash and back. Over the last decade Ferrari has been hell bent on taking it’s ultra exotic machinery to arguably the most ultra exotic destinations, and we are not talking about St Tropez here.

This year aims to take two 612 Scaglietti's on an 11,000km jaunt around the Indian countryside. Back in 1997 Ferrari drove a F355 around the world reaching 5 continents. In 2006, two 599 GTB Fioranos completed the Panamerican 20,000 tour which traversed South and North America. The last time the 612 Scaglietti was used was back in 2005 where two vehicles covered and impressive 24,000km through China’s heartland.

50 very lucky journalists will be offered to drive the 612’s on some of the course which is comprised of 12 stages and should take 72 days to complete. As usual with this type of event, the imagery of two beautiful Ferraris tackling some of the most dramatic scenery in the world should prove breathtaking. Ferrari might make a few sales on the way as well as India’s economy is expanding rapidly and many entrepreneurs are finding success. The trek gets underway on the 25th of February from Mumbai.

Perhaps Ferrari will start offering an off-road pack as an option on future models to coax owners from their unadventurous weekend routines. Perhaps not.

Ferrari embarks on a new adventure