BMW 1 and 3 Series Aero kit can be retrofitted by your dealer. Enhancements to exterior, interior looks apparent, while performance improves too.

At the BMW stand during the Geneva Motor Show you will be able to see this kitted car, dressed in BMW Performance wear. Admittedly the kit does not touch engines, therefore that side of performance remains standard. But that does not mean there is no improvement in go.

Able to be retrofitted by your local dealership, the BMW Performance kit improves upon virtually every aspect of the cars' looks, thereby bypassing the need to hit the tuners’. The products are under full BMW warranty and take into full account safety aspects such as airbags. All 3 and 1 Series models can be fitted. 1 Series almost turns Tii Concept in this kit.

How cool is that steering wheel, for example? It’s made of alcantara and leather, and features a K.I.T.T.-like LED display at the top on the normal 10 to 10 position, which displays all sorts of info like lateral acceleration, ideal shift-points and oil temperature.

Another feature that should be a favourite is the gear lever, covered in chrome and alcantara and said to improve shift travel by about 25 percent. If it works anything close to what it looks like – maybe even feel like Honda’s brilliant 6-speed manual cogs – BMW would have a winner in their hands, so to speak.

Plenty of carbon fiber on the exterior beckons, most notably on the boot spoiler and wing mirrors. Air diffuser looks the part as well, not just adding a source for eye candy but of course useful as a performance mantle piece.

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