We give you details of a new set of renderings from a Sweden-based designer inspired by the Saab/Spyker dearl. The story and pics inside.

Automotive designer Eduard Gray has sent in some renderings of his ideas for the first car to come from the Saab purchase of Spyker.  Based near Saab headquarters in Trollhättan, Sweden, Gray believes the drawings could land him a job with the Saab Design Studio Team.

The union of Saab and Spyker presents a unique opportunity to create a design that takes the best of each brand and distills their qualities into a single product," he said.  Gray, who is Dutch and English, points out that a truly unique car can be assembled with the low-slung mid-engine Spyker supercar chassis and the design language at Saab.

Indeed, his six drawings of the Saab Spyker 9+ Tribute shows elements of both companies.  Gray calls the work "a quick expression of my optimism for the future of the brand."

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