Prius suddenly shot out of a driveway and crashed into a stone wall across the street. The 56-year old driver sustained non-life threatening injuries in the violent crash.

Another incident has been reported of an unintended acceleration of a Toyota Prius and United States authorities are investigating.

Federal regulators are looking into an accident that occurred on Tuesday in Harrison, New York, when a 56-year old woman in a 2005 Toyota Prius was pulling out of a driveway when the car suddenly shot across the street and crashed into a stone wall. The driver sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The crash was reported to be very violent, according to local police. With some of the boulders on the stone wall, weighing between 500 and 1000 pounds (225 to 450 kg), thrown several feet after impact. Police say the floor mat was not the problem and that the car had already been taken into a local Toyota dealer due to the recall that is in effect.

Last November, Toyota recalled all 2004-2009 Prius models to fix a problem where accelerators can get stuck due to faulty floor mats. In January, Toyota issued another recall for several models, which did not include the Prius, to fix gas pedals that can get stuck due to faulty parts.

This was the second such Prius incident this week. On Monday, a man in his 2008 Toyota Prius accelerated out of control and sped to over 90 mph (145km/h) along a California freeway.

Federal regulators in the United States have been scrutinizing Toyota over persistent reports of stuck accelerators. Last month, Toyota Motor Corp. president Akio Toyoda testified before a US congressional committee and apologized for the company's recall problems.


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