Opel Meriva concept is going “cool” with its new FlexDoors system that features rear doors hinged at the back, not the front. Designwise lots of impressive curves adorn the Meriva which may well be the test bed for future Opel monocab configuration.

Opel’s Meriva has always been one to offer flexibility when it comes to all these family matters such as space. Now Opel has officially declared the Meriva Concept as the first car to load its FlexDoors system. The car will exhibit in Geneva next month.

Meriva is going all innovative on us as it does the exotic by debuting FlexDoors, essentially what we refer to as “suicide doors”, similar to those found in the Rolls Royce Phantom and MINI Cooper Clubman. Rear “Flexdoors” can be opened up to a 90 degree angle. The concept’s representatives say this system is very safe as the doors allow for easier accessibility into the cabin.

Apart from the novel doors, an important role played by the Meriva is that it is the new design benchmark for future Opels of similar segments. Not a bad looker at all in fact, the Meriva could prove the right dose of resurrection medicine for Opel who hasn’t had such a great run in the past four or five years.

OFFICAL INFO: Opel Meriva Concept - World premiere: FlexDoors