We have details of a potential new Audi A2 in the works in Germany. The story inside.

Audi is working on a new compact car to fit in their lineup below the A3.  News of a new Audi A2, not produced since 2005, came during the Geneva Motor Show earlier this week.

In an interview, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said that he believes Audi has an opportunity to introduce another vehicle to their range of models.  "There's clearly room for another product and another concept between the A3 and A1," he told Automotive News in Geneva.

Periodicals in Germany are speculating that the car could be sold by 2014, with some insiders at the automaker suggesting that an electric version is possible.  The company has not said whether the car would hit North America.

If Audi does produce a new A2, it could be an extended version of the A1.  Whatever it is, it is going to have to be more appealing than the first A2.  Over seven years, less than 25,200 sold on average annually.