BMW fans may be yet disappointed by news that the company might not build a 1 M after all. A report suggests a more subtle 135is could be on offer instead.

The BMW 1-Series M Supersport rumour refuses to die. Who can blame it? After all, pretty much every model line in the BMW stable, including two SUVs, have a brutal M version at the top. But once again the rumour has been refuted by a source quoted by Inside Line at the Geneva Motor Show.

According to this unnamed person, a 1 Series M was out of contention. However, a more potent 1er with a turbocharged straight 6 was more likely. Whether the 3.0-litre engine would be a twin turbo or a single blower like the new 535i remains unclear at this point. Such a car would not get an M badge but would use a name like 135is. That means more than just the standard 225kW (306 PS / 302 bhp) and 400Nm (295 lb-ft) found in the 135i, but not quite the 257 kW (350 PS / 345 bhp) rumour that's been floating around online media (WCF included) and BMW enthusiast community.


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