Ferrari FXX-inspired pedal car sells for a minimum USD730. Male adults will love it, kids, well, they probably won't even smell it!

Feeling young again? PortableGadget reports on just the thing for you. If you thought Ferrari made its money from selling cars, think again! The Italians push merchandise all over the world, from T-shirts to mugs and sneakers, jackets and pens, all sorts of mini goodies that make up for the fact that most of us just can’t afford a real Ferrari.

Check this out now, the new FXX one-seater car, from only USD730 starting next month. Ok, I lied. This is “just” a toy pedal version of the FXX, but it has most of the features you’d find in the real thing. Such a list comprises of things like Enzo hubcaps, leather steering wheel, a 7-speed “gearbox”, bucket seats, on-board computer and even semi-slick racing tires for the Exclusive model, which retails at USD2,200.

I can’t imagine who would buy this for their kid; most will keep it for themselves, and won’t even let the poor kid touch it. It may sound a bit steep for the average guy, but consider that a Ferrari F1 engine from the F2001 is also for sale at an eye-watering €40,000. Mmhh, bare authentic Ferrari F1 engine or complete pedal car? Choice choices!

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