Ethanol will lead to worse environmental destruction than fossil fuels, according to Science magazine. Science says the earth will take a pounding so hard it will need over 300 years to recover from it, thanks to the rise of ethanol usage in cars.

So there we were, busy converting our cars to run on E85. Meanwhile, back in Reality City, alarms have already begun blaring into our ears about the dangers associated with ethanol. Specifically, the fuel itself has no major issues; it is the production around it that is causing such a stink. Science magazine says we are headed for serious danger if we continue on ours slippery ethanol road.

Oil obviously comes from deep within the bellies of the earth. Ethanol in contrast, the 85 in E85, is made mostly from plant oils. Where do these plants come from? Farms mostly, farms that otherwise would have produced plants for humans and animals to feed on. Corn-based ethanol would cause the biggest problem as so much energy and resources are required to produce small amounts of it, that it is possible to double emissions just from its production and refinement.

In addition, that type of corn would have to be produced at an unnaturally fast rate in order to meet growing demand around the world this means one or both of two things: genetical modification of the corn and/or extreme fertilization of the soil, which in itself presents challenges for the environment.


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Ethanol is Worse Than Fossil Fuels Says Science Magazine