A promo video supporting the Citroën Survolt Concept car is now yours to watch, over and over again. We know you will.

Click and watch this promo clip. If you can keep your eyes on the car between 0:25 and 0:28 then you would have won the strong-man contest. And for the ladies reading this, eye candy is just that, candy for the eyes.

That term also applies to this stunning Citroen Survolt Concept car which was unveiled in Geneva. While others are churning out minicar after minicar at these shows, Citroën chose to buck the trend by going buckwild and designing a sleek, low-slung 3.85 metre coupe with an all-electric drivetrain.

Her aerodynamic and flowing lines are both elegant and brave. They are balanced off by Citroën's new integrated double chevrons and stylish LED lights. The style philosophy continues inside where the two-seat cockpit resembles a glass setting between the chrome roll bars.

You are allowed to watch the video over and over again. Pause, rewind if the mood takes you. Admit it, she is quite stunning.


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