The “Professor” has shown that he can back four F1 world championships with two Andros Trophy titles adapting his F1 skills to the slippery ice.

To most people, the only thing in common between F1 racing and Ice Racing is that you need a driver and a car of some description to be able to compete. While this may true, ex F1 star, Olivier Panis, and four times F1 world champion, Alain Prost have shown that there may be more similarities than meets the eye.

In F1 you need a car that is more akin to a race kart than anything you would see on the road. Whereas ice cars are bespoke race vehicles that at least have some similarities to road vehicles although they are highly modified. Clearly the race cars are very different but the driving styles are in different galaxies. F1 requires millimeter precision from the driver and an ability to log repetitive lap after lap. Ice Racing couldn’t be more different. The cars are usually 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer to enable them to navigate very twisty tracks littered with hairpin bends. The main difference however is the surface. Obviously ice racing is performed on? Yes that’s right, ice! Driving skills are therefore more in-line with a rally driver than a F1 driver, or at least you would be forgiven in thinking that was the case. Ice racing cars are rarely seen in a straight line and supreme oversteer prowess is the order of the day.

Alain Prost and to a lesser extent, Olivier Panis have shown that “Great” race drivers can apply their skills to two quite different realms of competitive motorsport. Prost and the Auris secured Toyota’s second Andros Trophy in succession. Read on to find out how he did it.

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