Motor industry legend Bob Lutz will retire from GM at the end of April. The 78 year-old is confident his company is on the up again.

Robert "Bob" Lutz will finally retire from General Motors effective May 1, 2010. We say finally because he had announced he would retire by the end of 2009 but then made an about-turn in July last year. Lutz has been head of product development since rejoining the General in September 2001 and was last year moved into the Vice Chairman position of the new GM.

"The influence Bob Lutz has had on GM's commitment to design, build and sell the world's best vehicles will last for years to come," GM CEO and Chairman Ed Whitacre said. "I, along with many other men and women in GM and throughout the industry, have greatly benefited from his passion, wisdom and guidance."

Part of the reason Lutz, 78, says he is retiring is that several products like the Chevrolet Camaro and Cadicallc SRX are selling well. He therefore believes the company he is leaving behind is well on the way to recovery and good financial health.


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