At the Geneva auto show, Citroen has premiered the DS High Rider Concept - a car that likely previews the future DS4 model.

Roughly the same length as the current C4, the DS High Rider Concept tries to take the compact coupe vehicle style in a new direction. Here the core feature is an elevated ride height for the passengers but with a design that still conveys a certain amount of sleekness and vitality to the car.

There are other unique design features which Citroen has employed here, such as the windscreen that extends over the head of the driver and the muscular shape that provides for an airy and roomy interior.

Under the hood will be the PSA Group's diesel Hybrid 4 drivetrain, which features a HDi diesel engine coupled to an electric motor on the rear axle for an all-wheel drive setup. The Full Hybrid 4 system has the ability to run solely on electric power, making the DS High Rider Concept a zero-emissions vehicle for whatever range its batteries can provide. Citroen did not cite any range or fuel economy specifics in its press release on the model.

The DS High Rider will likely turn into the DS4 at some point. It measures 4.26 meters lengthwise, 1.82 meters wide, and 1.48 meters high and will compete somewhere in the ever-growing premium compact segment(s).


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