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The new Flextreme GT/E Concept car from Opel apparently embodies what the new Opel's vision of efficient design and environment-conscious motoring is all about. Measuring 4.7 metres in length this family car is meant to demonstrate how extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) technology can be used for large or mid-sized vehicles. The all-electric, zero-emissions solution will be developed further and made available for all sorts of Opel vehicles.

Its low-slung, wide-sculptured look and that muscular bodywork will help it achieve a projected 0.22 drag co-efficient. It will also facilitate a top speed of over 200km/h.

Opel is using the Flextreme GT/E to showcase a new trapezoidal grille with a wing-shaped chrome bar that carries a large Opel emblem. That emblem is not just a cosmetic item but also doubles as a cover for the battery pack charging socket. Finally the wing-shaped LED headlights help to accentuate the front end even more.

Visitors to the 2010 Geneva Motor Show can take a close look at what could be Opel's future design language and its answer to the electric powertrain.


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