Opel Tigra buyers can now purchase style after Tigra is released in Geneva with a canvas on the hard roof. Engines remain unchanged.

Opel Tigra is going for the classic look on its TwinTop roof. The car will not become an overnight tiger, but it will at least give buyers the option of looking like they own a soft-top. In Geneva Opel will unveil the new Tigra TwinTop Soft-Top look. Tigra is originally a retractable hard-top that uses electro-hydraulics to move the tin-top from front to back in a matter of 18 seconds, according to Opel.

The new look covers the roof in Bordeaux red canvas, which sounds quite fancy but in reality it just means the hard bit is clothed in canvas. How much more weight this adds is unknown at this stage, but I’m pretty sure Opel would downplay it by a number of grams.

Offered engines, the 1.4-litre 66kW/ 90 bhp motor and its 1.8-litre bigger brother whose 92kW/ 125bhp is more fun to experience, remain petrol-powered.

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