Could the new Pininfarina concept convertible be a revival of the Alfa Romeo Duetto? Details inside.

Italian automotive design house Pininfarina has released a new teaser image featuring their as yet unseen Alfa Romeo concept.  The car will be used to celebrate both Alfa Romeo's 100th anniversary, and Pininfarina's 80th birthday.

Development of the two-seat spider was supervised by Lowie Vermeersch, also responsible for the Rolls-Royce Hyperion.  Vermeersch, 35, started with the company in 1997 as an intern, rising to Design Director just ten years later.

The name of the concept is not yet known, but it looks as though it could be the design firm's pitch for a revival of the Alfa Romeo Duetto.  The cuttlebone-shaped classic was mentioned by former Alfa Romeo Managing Director Luca de Meo in 2008 as being prime for a do-over.  “If I had to imagine the equivalent of a Fiat 500 under the Alfa Romeo brand, I wouldn’t hesitate in reviving the Duetto,” he was quoted as saying.

Former Alfa CEO Antonio Baravalle said something similar in 2007, saying that he wanted to bring a new two-seat Spider to market that is a "small, compact, very low [car], exactly like the Duetto was back then."  He went on to say that he is pleased by "the idea of having a new version of the Duetto with which to celebrate."

Although Alfa Romeo has a new executive team now, Vermeersch is aware of Alfa's history and the Duetto's legacy.  A new Alfa Romeo Duetto would be a fantastic example to celebrate both company's anniversaries.

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