In an attempt to shake off spy photographers following close behind, the driver of this Citroen DS4 test prototype in northern Sweden got a little too anxious and overshot the entrance to the Bosch winter test facilities.  In his haste he attempted to make a dramatic u-turn, but instead lost control of the disguised vehicle, lodging it into a snow bank.  The sequence of photos show his attempts to free the vehicle as snow is flung into the air from the front wheels.

The irate test engineer now cornered by the photographers had no choice but to relent.  As he wait for rescue, the engineer not only gave photographers a good look at the vehicle, but inadvertently opened the doors giving a glimpse of the interior as well as revealing it's a five door.

As the second model in the DS line, the High Rider concept which is set to make its public debut in Geneva next week previews the DS4 model.  No specs were given on the car's powertrain, but it is said to be a "full hybrid" using a HDi engine with diesel particulate filter system (DPFS).  The engine is mated to an electric motor at the rear axle, with capabilities of running on all-electric for short distances.

Gallery: Citroen DS4 Pursued by Spy Photographer Loses Control - Reveals 5-door

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