Police in South Africa are looking into a missing persons report regarding Uwe Gemballa.  Gemballa, 54, is the founder of well known German tuning firm Gemballa Automobiletechnik, which has just filed for insolvency protection.

Gemballa has been missing for the past three weeks after his wife wired €1 million to him in South Africa.  Gemballa was flying to that country on business, arriving on February 8.  He was set to leave on the 10th, but his whearabouts are unknown.

The tuning firm was in talks to open a showroom in Johannesburg.

"South African police are working with German police and are investigating a missing persons inquiry," said police spokesman Vishnu Naidoo.  Kidnapping has not been ruled out.  One red flag being investigated is Gemballa's request for a €1 million wire from his wife following a traffic accident.

Gemballa Automobiletechnik employs 40 people, and develops supercars that cost up to €700,000.  The firm has outlets in Australia, Europe, and North America.

With the recent insolvency filing, police in Germany will likely examine Gemballa's financial books and balance sheets.  South African police are no doubt investigating more sinister motives.

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