We have the full story of the Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid, and a photo to boot!


Lotus plans to unveil a hybrid version of the Evora at the Geneva Motor Show next week.  The English automaker distributed a previously-unseen image as a teaser of the upcoming reveal.

The Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid uses two 152 kW motors producing up to 400 Nm (295 Nm) of torque to provide incredible acceleration.  It completes a 0-60mph sprint in under four seconds with an all-electric range of 35 miles (56 km), and an extended range of over 300 miles (483 km).  That distance is possible thanks to a 17 kWh Lithium polymer battery, and the 35 kW (48 PS / 47 hp) 1.2-liter three-cylinder Lotus Range Extender engine that recharges the battery on the fly when necessary.  The engine weighs just 85 kilograms (187 lbs), and will be found on the Lotus Proton Concept, also being introduced in Geneva.

Engineers developed two driving modes for the car: Eco and Sports.  For the Sports setting, the driver can utilize paddle shifters on the steering wheel with the car responding as though the powertrain included a seven-speed transmission.  If done correctly, it is a feature that could win over more puritanical motoring enthusiasts.  Also helping the cause is the HALOsonic sound system which generates common engine sounds through small speakers at the front and rear so pedestrians can hear the all electric vehicle.  It also provides a psychological edge to the driver, who can opt to hear the engine sounds played through the car's speakers.  HALOsonic was co-developed with audio experts at Harman International.

"The Evora 414E Hybrid is the perfect demonstration of Lotus Engineering's core competencies: lightweight architectures, efficient performance, electrical and electronics integration and driving dynamics," said Lotus Engineering director Dr. Robert Hentschel.  "The technology demonstrator represents an encapsulation of the advanced technologies that Lotus Engineering continues to develop to overcome the current environmental challenges facing the automotive industry and showcases the future direction that the sector is taking and why Lotus Engineering is perfectly placed to lead the technological development in this area." With glass graphics that look inspired by circuitry, the hybrid is painted in a copper color to link the vehicle with the electronics it uses.  This color is also used on the instrument panel, seats, and brake calipers.  The cockpit is also made to be comfortable, with leather and Alcantara used throughout.

Look for more photos to come soon of the Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid.


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