Honda is unveiling a possible future urban mobility solution at the Geneva Show. At the same event the EV-N concept first seen in Tokyo 2009 will appear.

Honda is introducing the one-person 3R-C concept to the public at the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show. The battery electric-powered single-seater takes a look at how future mobility problems in urban areas might be solved using clean technologies.

The three-wheel 3R-C features a clear canopy that covers the driver's/ rider's seat when it's parked. When in motion the canopy becomes a shield. While it won't rival an Accord Tourer for luggage space, a lockable boot area up front provides some form of storage for small items.

Another Honda vehicle set to make its European debut in Geneva is the EV-N concept first seen in public at the Tokyo Motor Show. It has a Lithium ion battery pack and solar panels on the roof used to charge the car while it is parked.


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