BMW’s new intelligent ConnectedDrive system makes it possible for the car to determine the severity of an accident, thus forming a body of information that enables it to dial for a rescue mission appropriate for the prevailing situation.

BMW is launching an innovative system that greatly assists in accidents. Called Enhanced BMW Assist Emergency Call, the system works with the popular ConnectedDrive to send alarm for rescue as soon as a collision has happened.

Information sent to the rescue service includes precisely where the accident happened, what car is involved, what happened to it and the probably injuries sustained by the occupants. Therefore incapacitated passengers involved in an accident need not wait until someone else spots their misfortune on the side of a road before they can call for help. The car will do that on their behalf with better detail than before. Basically many sensors located in the car within airbags, the body structure and so on, determine with accuracy what type of accident has occurred and take the appropriate response.

Currently more than half a million BMWs have the automatic emergency call in countries like Australia, Kuwait, the USA, Italy and Germany.

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