Those attending the Geneva Motor Show will be able to buy an $11,500 pair of eyeglasses, courtesy of the new Bentley Boutique. Find out more inside.

Bentley will be selling a full slate of items from the Bentley Collection at the Geneva Motor Show.  For the first time at an auto show, the company will create a Bentley Boutique display to sell the wares.

Amongst their catalogue items, Bentley will also be selling items made specifically for the Geneva event, as well as items made for Bentley by well-known luxury brands.

Small hand-stitched leather items, like passport holders and wallets, will be sold in the same hide Bentley uses on their interiors.  Cufflinks, ties, gloves, and model cars will be shown off.  The real money will be spent on limited edition items, like the nearly-$10k zai for Bentley sport skis, the $11,500 Estede eyewear, or the $6,100 Tibaldi pens.

If successful in Geneva, you can be sure that the Bentley Boutique will appear at specific auto shows worldwide.

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