VW started taking orders of the Scirocco months ago and is said to be ready to deliver before the end of 2008. Meanwhile, fans can log on to the new Scirocco minisite for more info.

A new mini-site with Scirocco written all over it has been launched by the car’s makers Volkswagen as a teaser for the upcoming sports coupe's fans. You have to register while agreeing to give up most of your personal privacy, in order to enter the site, but once in there isn’t much in terms of visual stimulation. Well not enough to whet our tongues anyway. The suspicion is then that Geneva will see a full-scale version of the car, and then a Euro launch towards the end of 2008.

VW Group engine 2.0 TFSI looks like it has won the battle and will be offered with the Scirocco. Plus you can still look at the excellent rendering done here months ago. It would be tragic if we had to wait for New York to see this thing in the metal, but Geneva sounds like the place to be so far.

VW Scirocco Minisite Goes Public