We have another new proposal for the next-gen IRL IZOD IndyCar. Pics and details inside.

Race engineers Lola USA have revealed their design proposal for the next IZOD IndyCar race vehicle.  The Lola B12/00 and B12/01 are that company's concepts to replace the outgoing Dallara racecar.

The current Dallara chassis will have been in use for nine years once it is retired after the 2011 season.  Current costs are about $400,000 per car, but IRL race officials want their new car to have a much lower pricetag to give teams the opportunity to focus attentions elsewhere.

Lola does not specify how expensive their racecar will be, but in a press release they say that "safety, efficiency, styling and affordability" are their priorities.  At the same time, Lola says they want their cars to be capable of battling in close, with many "wheel to wheel duels" to give the fans something interesting to watch.

By using two different styles, Lola designers believe races will be more visually appealing.  They say that the two models will feature the same performance specs, aerodynamics and ride height.  Upper-surface styles will also be swappable.

In testing of the car's rear end, Lola claims they have developed a vehicle that creates minimal wake.  They claim this was achieved in a simple, and "cost effective" manner.

Lola's design will most certainly be more appealing to fans than the proposal from DeltaWing.  Aside from Swift Engineering, Dallara is also bidding for the rights to the next-gen IndyCar chassis.

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