The company hasn't identified the problem, but they believe it may be related to the braking system or tires.

Toyota may have found a problem with the steering system on the new Corolla.

While details are limited, Toyota's executive in charge of quality, Shinichi Sasaki, said drivers may experience a loss of control. The company hasn't identified the cause, but they believe it may be related to the braking system or tires. Sasaki stated he was unsure if a recall is necessary, but Toyota is considering it anyways.

As you may recall (no pun intended), Toyota has been besieged by quality problems. After several cases of unintended acceleration, the company blamed the floor mats and issued a recall. When that failed to stop the problem, Toyota recalled millions of vehicles to fix sticky accelerator pedals. More recently, the company confirmed there was a braking problem with the Prius and issued yet another recall.

The fiasco has caught the attention of the U.S. Congress, which is investing whether or not Toyota properly informed consumers and safety officials. Toyota's President, Akio Toyoda, recently stated he would not make an appearance at the investigation hearing unless he was summoned. According to Toyoda, "I trust that our officials in the U.S. will amply answer the questions. We are sending the best people to the hearing, and I hope to back up the efforts from headquarters." He added, "We are not covering up anything, and we are not running away from anything."

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