Chrysler have finally decided to enter the UK market with a diesel powered 300C for 2008.The whole range is also in for a refresh

It appears even the Chrysler 300C driving mobster crew are getting all environmentally conscious on us. Why, it’s getting a diesel engine.

Let’s face it, the American Motor Industry is not exactly renowned for producing the most environmentally friendly motor cars in the world. Gas is cheap stateside, even with recent rises due to oil prices, it still remains comparatively cheap compared to most other developed parts of the world. GM, Ford and Chrysler generally build large petrol powered vehicles for the home markets where 25 mpg is considered quite frugal.

Europe is another kettle of fish. Fuel is quite expensive with both petrol and diesel being priced considerable higher than most other parts of the world. The majority of car manufacturers now offer diesel engine alternatives in most of their range as customers demand better economy, and it is not just the run of the mill family transport that benefit anymore either. BMW, Mercedes, Audi and even Jaguar now offer super advanced diesel engined options in their most luxurious high spec limousines. 150mph performance and 40mpg combined cycle economy are now achievable.

Chrysler is a little late in the game. Although they have offered a diesel engined variant in most of Europe since 2005, they have dodged the UK market. Nevertheless, Chysler have sold their 300C large saloon in the UK with reasonable success. New owners, Cerberus, are keen to improve the UK arm of the business and realise having a competitive diesel engined option is a now a must in Britain. Not only is the car getting a 3.0L 215hp V6 diesel option, it also gets a refresh all round which mainly concentrates on the rear end and the interior. Chrysler should be hoping for a considerable improvement in sales for the 300C with the introduction of this engine. Read on for more details.

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