The Honda Fireblade powered Rage Buggy can accelerate to 100kph in 3.5 second. More impressively it can do it on or off the road.

I can think of no better place to own one of these wicked little Rage Buggies than Australia. The wide open spaces would be the perfect playground for one of these off road machines. It may seem odd then to find out that Rage Buggies is a UK based outfit situated in the Midlands.

Making their Australian debut at the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show, Rage Buggies will hand tailor your buggy from concept to birth. The model shown in the images is the R180T, the 180 refers to the amount of hp the 998cc Honda Fireblade engine produces. All this grunt is channelled through a 6 speed sequential gearbox which allows this “Mad Max” esque machine to hurtle to a 100kph in 3.5 seconds. Not quite Bugatti Veyron numbers but not bad for something that can be used off the road as well as on it. Yes, amazingly the buggies can be designed to be road registered if you should choose it.

So if you have been deliberating about buying a scooter or road bike for the daily commute to work and a 4wd for the weekend off road experiences, think again. You may only need one car parking space after all.

Veyron Chasing Rage Buggie Debuts in Australia