UC? Mobility Concept includes rail cars configured to carry the small electric vehicle over longer distances while recharging its batteries too. The UC? is a small electric vehicle with 130 Nm of torque and a range of 105 km.

Swiss automaker Rinspeed certainly isn't afraid to do the "boldly go where no man has gone before" thing.

This UC? Mobility Concept car will debut at the Geneva auto show next month. The U-C stands for Urban Commuter while the addition of the question mark tries to make it clever by asking, "You see?"

The UC? Mobility Concept is more than just yet another electric vehicle. It is an entire mobility concept which also features rail cars configured to carry the little UC? over longer distances while recharging its batteries. The objective, according to Rinspeed, is to create a modal transport system that integrates individual car ownership with public transportation.

The car will feature internet connection systems to book train passages online right from the vehicle's dashboard. Other onboard systems include IP telephone service, video chat and conferencing applications, as well as, of course, e-mail capabilities.

The UC? is an electric vehicle, only 2.6 meters in length, styled along the lines of the old Fiat 500 Topolino. It's electric motor produces 130 Nm (96 ft-lbs) of torque and the car has a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). The lithium-ion batteries give it a range of 105 kilometers (65 miles).

What else is unique? Well, it drives by joystick instead of those outdated steering wheels. And at its introduction in Geneva by Rinspeed chief Frank M. Rinderknecht, the UC? will be doing laps around a track laid out with artificial fur.

Now, that's something we cannot explain.


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