We have the first bits of information, and seven pics of the Citroen DS High Rider, the supposed precursor to the DS4.

Citroen has revealed images of their upcoming concept, the Citroen DS High Rider diesel hybrid.  Set for a Geneva Motor Show debut, the concept is expected to be the precursor to the Citroen DS4.

This is the second concept car in the DS line, after last year's DS Inside.  The Inside design study led to the DS3.

No specs were given on the car's powertrain, but it is said to be a "full hybrid" using a HDi engine with diesel particulate filter system (DPFS).  The engine is mated to an electric motor at the rear axle, with capabilities of running on all-electric for short distances.

The High Rider shares the same headlights and some design cues with the C-SportLounge.  One thing it does not share with that old design is an elongated look.  The High Rider is 4.26-meters long, wedged in between a Mini Cooper Clubman and the Subaru Impreza.  But at 1.82m wide x 1.48m high, it is both bigger and taller than the Subaru.

Citroen's newcomer rides on 19-inch alloy wheels, and will be painted in the "glossy golden" color seen here.  A special fabric was used to cover the roof of the car to give it a more "quality" look.

We will find out more about the Citroen High Rider concept in the weeks to come.