We have a new teaser image of the Vauxhall Flexitreme GTE Concept, a potential new EV design. Details inside.

GM has released a teaser promoting a new concept set for launch in Geneva.  The Opel Vauxhall Flexitreme GTE Concept will debut on March 2.

Not much can be said about the car just yet, however there is the likelihood this will be an althernatively-powered vehicle.  To the left of the car's insignia, which sticks out from the bumper, the word "Voltec" can be seen.  Voltec is GM's name for the electric powertrain used by the Opel / Vauxhall Ampera, also known as the Chevy Volt.

The Flexitreme GTE could also be a hot hatch revision of the Opel Flextreme concept from 2007, which doubled in 2008 as the Saturn Flextreme concept.  That four-door car featured two lateral glass panes on the roof, and was only able to run 60 km (37 mi) on all-electric power.

Look for this car to have a less space-age front bumper with honeycomb grille, and chrome details.  The Opel Vauxhall Flexitreme GTE concept will appear side-by-side with the new Meriva and the Ampera in Geneva.

Opel Vauxhall Flextreme GTE Concept Teased for Geneva Debut