Canadian firm Horchaus has begun importing several Audi vehicles into North America.  The company is focusing on models not available in that region, including the Audi RS6 Avant, RS6 Sedan, as well as the discontinued B7 RS4 Avant.

Pricing on the Audi RS6 Avant is set at about C$115,000, or US$108,000, according to the distributor's website.  That is a huge discount over the car's German retail price of €110,650, the equivalent of almost C$162,000.

"We, at horchaus, believe that the RS6 is too much of an incredible vehicle to prevent North America from enjoying its brutal power," the company says on its website.  "We are currently in a strategic position to import RS6s to the North American (i.e. Canadian and American) market."

The distributor worked out an arrangement with the manufacturer for the cars to maintain their original warranties.  In an agreement with Audi, the factory will modify North America-bound cars to fit U.S. inspections, eliminating third-party tuners from the mix.  The vehicles are then sent to either American or Canadian ports, where they are legitimately cleared through customs as street-legal vehicles.

Horchaus serves as the Canadian distributor for German tuners MTM.  The company is offering to upgrade the RS6's 5.0-liter bi-turbo aluminum V10 engine from the stock 571 hp (426 kW / 579 PS), 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) rating for C$10,000.  This will boost the engine to nearly 735 hp (548 kW / 745 PS) and up to 785 Nm (579 lb-ft), cutting the 0-100 km/h sprint time by a half-second to 4.1 seconds.

The distributor has already brought two RS6 models into North America.  The firm is looking into import potential for the Audi S3, and the Audi TT-RS.

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