Snow shoes go on for the 2009 American muscle legend Chevrolet Camaro as we spy it while it begins its cold calling in far away Europe.

The next episode of Camaro has now finished its hot climate run down in Australia. Now Chevrolet has moved the muscle car which probably gets more publicity than its two chief rivals, off to Europe for cold climate testing.

Already confirmed for right-hand-drive markets like Japan, Australia, the UK and South Africa, the camaro will fortunately usher in a new era of muscle car when it goes on sale in 2009 as the next generation’s hero car. More mature buyers who may have lusted after it as kids will most likely form the bulk of the Camaro queues at the various dealerships around the world.

Two engines are said to be certain; a V6 and V8 petrol with or without canvass on your head. A hybrid model is being investigated as well, just to further confuse the whole “muscle car” definition of the 1960s. Interesting because once I asked a GM rep if the new Camaro would compete directly with cars like the BMW M3, Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG and Audi RS 4, and he said not at all. Couldn’t quite understand that logic, since all three puff V8s and stake out over 300kW each, just like the Camaro. I guess you needed to be there – in the 1960s – to properly understand where the car will fit?

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