Video show production of the A1 at Audi's Belgium plant. Audi claims the A1 will expand the premium brand segments into small, compact cars.

"It is possible to portray premium by means of a relatively small car?" asks Dr. Werner Widuckel of Audi in the video. Well, the answer, unsurprisingly, according to the Ingolstadt-based automaker, is a resounding "yes".

Unfortunately, we don't get to see much of the new A1 in the video to back that claim up. It mostly deals with the production of the A1 at Audi's plant in Belgium and provides an explanation for why this particular factory was chosen. Audi tacks on a surf-music electric guitar score to the video, which doesn't really seem to create the proper mood to convey a sense of precision engineering at work here. It really just looks like Audi is trying to justify taking A1 production out of Germany.

Audi likes to talk about how the A1 will expand the premium brand segments and the model may very well do that. Certainly in Europe, there seems to be a market appetite for small, premium cars, as evidenced by the success of BMW's MINI brand.

We just have to wait for the A1 to see if it's got what it takes to attract buyers in that segment.


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