Yet even more spy shots of Porsche's Panamera luxury saloon, this time in Scandinavia. These shots reveal a little of the interior.

The Porsche Panamera must be the most photographed prototype car on this planet. The silhouette is a familiar sight now in picture if not yet on our roads. These new shots give us our first glimpse into Porsche’s new uber saloon and the interior door panels seem almost production ready. Porsche has never been one to rush these things though usually making sure everything has been thoroughly tested and applying the laws of evolution rather than revolution, so don’t expect this machine to debut before 2009. One thing that is clear is that it will come with a relatively practical hatchback rear compartment where most of its rivals offer the more traditional boot. I say practical in the most loose of terms however, as that rear bumper moulding will cost a fortune to replace with all those scratches from the golf clubs.

The rear doors look a reasonable size but tall six footers, such as German Engineers, may find themselves banging their heads from time to time.

Speaking of rivals, the Panamera has its sights firmly on the premium end of the luxury car division so think Aston Martin Rapide, Maserati Quattroporte and top level Jags, Mercs and BMW’s. Being a Porsche, this thing will have to have a certain level of performance so expect naturally aspirated and twin turbocharged versions of the Cayenne’s 4.8L V8 producing roughly 400hp and 500+hp respectively. A 300hp V6 version is rumoured as is a more interesting hybrid model but these may arrive after the initial launch.

These shots have been taken reasonably close up and are quite detailed. One thing is for sure, the styling may well prove just as controversial as the Cayenne’s when it was released.

Porsche Panamera Spied with Open Doors and Boot