We have a promotional video for the Honda CR-Z "Live Every Litre" project, where winners can take their own road trip in the CR-Z before its market launch in Europe.

A new video promoting the Honda campaign, "Live Every Litre," has been released by the automaker's European division.  It currently features no obvious scenes in Europe, with all locations apparently being in the United States.

"Live Every Litre" is a collaborative project between Honda and Swiss filmmaker Claudio Von Planta.  Von Planta, the man behind Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's Long Way Round motorcycle series, wants to put real people behind the wheel of the CR-Z on their own road trip.

Cameras, mounted around the car, will record the entire trip.  The footage will then be edited into a feature-length film.  The trip will take place in May, shortly before the CR-Z European market launch.

The promotional video, shot from the perspective of the driver, begins in the garage of a typical American subdivision.  The driver embarks on a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type of road trip, ultimately winding up at a crossroads in California's Lucerne Valley.

Those wanting to participate in the project may sign up at www.liveeverylitre.com.

Honda CR-Z Sets Off on European Video Tour 'Live Every Litre' [Video]