We break down and analyze a new teaser image from Kia showing the Kia Ray Concept. Details inside.

Kia has released another teaser image to build hype for the Kia Ray.  The four-door concept will debut next week at the Chicago Auto Show, likely as a plug-in hybrid.

While a previous image gave us an idea of what the car's back end will look like, the new image gives us a close-up at the front.  Here, we see razor thin headlights, and with an LED cluster integrated into the bumper.  The rendition of the front implies that the vehicle will be painted in four different colors, including two shades of white, gray, and maroon.  The last image showed a long, thin tail light, and hints of a glass roof and large rear windshield.

In a press release, the automaker makes it clear that a hybrid Kia is not yet scheduled for market release.  However, "on-road testing of petrol and diesel hybrid vehicles is due to start in Britain this year."

The Kia Ray concept will be introduced in Chicago on February 11.

Kia Ray Concept Second Teaser Photo Released