Flextreme Concept has deeply inspired the next generation of the minivan, as the leaked photos shown by AstraForum.ro can confirm

Although AstraForum.ro has not given us the credits, they have used one of our texts, “Opel Meriva Concept at the Geneva Motor Show”, to give their readers some information about the concept car that anticipates the next generation of the minivan. This has flattered us so much we felt we should return the favour (with credits!), showing our readers the pictures the Romanian website got first hand of the new vehicle. Leaked and surely the same ones Opel will release in the next few hours.

The tips Opel has slowly released on Meriva’s appearance proved true: the concept car looks like a miniature Flextreme . In order for us to be sure on any Insignia resemblance, we will have to wait for the British Motor Show, in July.

As it has already been informed by Opel and seen in some of our spy photos, the Meriva Concept will feature suicide doors at the rear. Called FlexDoors, they are supposed to bring greater flexibility to Meriva, since they will allow people to have better access to the interior.

The explanation for this is simple: when the rear doors open from the B column, the passengers have direct access to the space between the front and the back seat. When it opens from the C column, the first thing the passengers have access to is the back seat itself. In order to get inside the car, the passengers have to open the doors widely or to contort their bodies a bit.

Since we have mentioned the B column, this is a pretty good indication Opel is calling this Meriva a “concept”, but in fact it is almost ready for production. Check it out and tell us: do you remember any concept car that had a B column? Not even the Ford Verve had one, and no other concept in Ford history has been so certain for production as this little fellow.

Yes, photos have leaked, but there has been no information on engines, size or any other relevant technical information. Perhaps the official pictures will bring us more news.

Opel Meriva Concept Pictures Leaked