We have a new video explaining the creation of the Audi A1's airplane-wing style air vents, but did they rip off Mercedes? Details inside.

In the continued teaser-driven marketing campaign to build hype for the Audi A1, a new video interview has been released giving us another look into the design of the upcoming small car.  The 2m 30s video features A1 interior designer Ivo van Hulten describing his process.

"We first concentrated on this horizontal dash panel, but then we had the idea that it might look good if we made it like an aircraft wing with the engines suspended from it," said van Hulten.  "Of course, we're building a car and not an aeroplane.  So we didn't want to imitate the engines too closely."

Let's hope in building the interior they also didn't want to imitate Mercedes-Benz.  The Audi rival used the exact same design idea when they created the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

"We kept on changing the size and position until we were absolutely satisfied, and the air vents were in the correct place for the driver and passenger," he said.  The vents will always be in the driver's sightline, possibly sticking out a bit from the dashboard to give "an even greater sense of depth."  Customers will be able to order the vents in a variety of colors just like the roof arch, a nice touch.

Different materials will be available for the vents to add a further level of customization.

The Audi A1 will have its online premiere on February 10 followed by a public debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

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