Today General Motors-owned HUMMER announced the 2008 HUMMER Adventure trip to Morocco, giving European Hummer owners the chance to "get to know the Moroccan desert in a special way" in their very own Hummer, whether it be the H1, H2 or the H3. The 2008 adventure is Hummer's expanded sequel to the adventure in 2004 that took a group of French Hummer owners on a desert trip to Tunisia.

Starting on May 11, 2008 at the Moroccan port of Tangiers the Hummer adventure will take 70 participants on a seven-day 2,500 km route through "challenging terrain, from sand roads and desert to fordable rivers and mountain slopes" after which the adventure will return to Tangiers on May 18.

The entry fee of 5,500 euros is essentially an all inclusive package, covering "accomodation in luxury hotels, all meals and drinks, crossing from Spain to Morocco, and medical and technical support," on top of which all participants get to enjoy an off-road course on the sand dunes of Merzouga. Sounds definitely like a unique experience to take your Hummer to the limit.

If you're planning on going, Hummer recommends you take an extra fuel can and a few showels with you. Just for show?

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