It's still all-wheel drive, too.

Subaru is famous for its utilitarian vehicles that are capable of swallowing lots of cargo. One dealer might take that idea too far by creating this custom Tribeca stretch limousine. It's currently for sale from Twin Willows Auto Sales in Valencia, Pennsylvania, for $39,995.

Subaru Tribeca Stretch Limo

In addition to the weirdness of a Tribeca limo, this stretch SUV has an odd history, too. Subaru allegedly built it for a large dealer at a cost of over $135,000, according to the current seller. There has only been one previous owner.

This would be a bizarre way to arrive to the next Subaru club meet up. The front end comes directly from the 2010 Tribeca donor vehicle, but a massive extension to the body now stretches back to the rear end. It makes for quite a weird look. The gold wheels add a little touch to evoke the WRX STI.

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The interior is equally odd. The front portion of the cabin looks completely stock, expect for the phone next to the gearshift, which likely acts as an intercom for communicating with folks in the back. An L-shaped bench takes up much of the room. A cabinet extends across the other side that hides a bar and storage cabinets. A pair of more traditional seats are further back, and there’s a large cargo area behind them. An entertainment system includes screens in the ceiling and on one wall.

Subaru Tribeca Stretch Limo

Under the hood, the Tribeca retains its 3.6-liter flat six-cylinder engine and automatic gearbox. The all-wheel-drive system remains in place, too.

Subaru stopped building the Tribeca in January 2014. It launched the SUV has a larger alternative to the Outback in 2005 but only managed to sell 78,000 of them over the vehicle's lifetime, though. After several years out of the segment, the company will launch the Ascent to fill that niche. It'll debut in the coming weeks at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Source: Twin Willows Auto Sales

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