A futuristic-looking sketch depicting what Volvo described as "a future Volvo electric car?" surfaced during a presentation at an event by EnerDel, lithium-ion battery suppliers for the electric Volvo C30. The sketch was signed by one Stefan Jansson and is quite bold, with a menacing front end and oversized wheels.

Dan Johnston, a spokesman for Volvo played down suggestions of anything resembling the final electric car design, saying the sketch is just that, a sketch.

"It's just one of the designer guys in Sweden playing around," Johnston told Insideline. "We won't have an electric vehicle that looks like an electric vehicle. It won't be like a Prius. You'll see the continuation of [our] design language on the C30."

However, seeing as though the Swedes were actually pressured by an excited public into building the C30 from that radical Volvo Safety Concept Car of 2000, there is no saying this won't happen again with this sketch.


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