A new teaser video from Audi gives us a few hints about the upcoming A1. Details inside.

Audi has released a new teaser video for the Audi A1, featuring quality assurance chief Werner Zimmerman.  Sadly, the video only gives away a minor hint as to the car's interior.

One thing we can see clearly is that the car's rear window maintains a similar shape to that of the 2007 Audi Metroproject concept.  However, the machinery carefully covers up the car's rear, so we are unable to determine the width of the C-pillar.

The executive talks extensively about how the car is equally fine-tuned both inside and out, with engineers striving for perfection.  "After all, a perfect overall impression can only be achieved by the sum of many details," he said.

Zimmerman points out that one place this can be seen is in the car's interior pieces, which fit well together with only the slightest of gaps.  The A1 team's goal was to build a small car that reflects all of Audi's values, including, "top levels of reliability, perfection in terms of materials, finish, and quality, innovative engineering, and of course, driveability."

"We will set a new benchmark with the A1.  It will be the first, genuine, premium vehicle in its segment," Zimmerman said, possibly taking a shot at BMW and MINI.

The Audi A1 will be revealed to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Audi Declares A1 is First Premium Segment Compact - Teases Interior [Video]