Just as we have stated before, official images of the Opel Meriva Concept have emerged a few hours after the "leakage"

Just as we have stated in our article about the “leaked” photos of the Opel Meriva Concept, the official images of the concept car would be released soon after the leak occurred. Considering the number of recent leaks, they seem to have become more than just a press relation staff’s failure, but an instrument these people are using in order to get worldwide attention with minimal costs. Marketing guys call it a “viral” action.

The good part about official releases is that they generally come with more information than the ones the “leaks” provide, but, unfortunately, this has not been the case with Opel Meriva Concept. The only exception is a lateral shot we did not get the first time. No more relevant information has been added to what pictures could reveal for themselves: a U-shaped windshield, suicide doors and a B column that would be absolutely unnecessary if this was a mere concept car. Opel reinforces it has been kept “for passive security reasons”. As far as we know, passive security reasons are only relevant for cars that will be mass-produced, or else, be sure this mini Flextreme will be the second generation Meriva. At least in Europe.

In our previous text about this car, we hoped to have more information to bring to you, such as dimensions, engines and other nice solutions such as the FlexDoors (the suicide doors at the rear), but they will really keep us waiting until the Geneva Motor Show opens its door to journalists. There, even it the worst forecast becomes true (no technical specs at all), we could measure the car ourselves.

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