Opel has released the first interior pictures of the redesigned Meriva. See the images inside.

Opel has released the first interior pictures of the redesigned Meriva (aka Vauxhall Meriva), ahead of its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.

While it's not overly attractive, Opel says the "warm and inviting cabin ambience is created by the wraparound wing-shaped instrument panel. The forward-leaning center stack contributes to this and adds a notion of sportiness." Trim levels include Essentia (with a Jet Black wing fascia and upholstery), Enjoy (which comes in Jet Black, Red Curry or Cocoa/light Cocoa), and the range-topping Cosmo which comes with black Morrocana embossed seat upholstery.

Elsewhere in the cabin, Opel added a FlexRail system which allows owners to choose from a variety of modular storage bins and components. The company also revised the FlexSpace system (fold-down rear seats which can slide forward and backwards to improve legroom or storage capacity) to be more intuitive thanks to "an easy, one-step motion when sliding the rear seat cushions or lowering the seatbacks." For two-wheel enthusiasts, Opel offers a FlexFix bicycle carrier. It "slides in and out of the rear bumper like a drawer, making bicycle transportation easy and convenient." Using this system, two bicycles can be safely transported, with no special tools or fittings. When not in use, the FlexFix bicycle carrier slides back into the Meriva's rear bumper.

To further improve practicality, the Meriva features FlexDoors. Originally shown on the Meriva Concept, the rear-hinged FlexDoors "swing open towards the back of the car at an angle of nearly 90 degrees, vastly improving the ease with which occupants enter and leave the cabin. Rather than having to step back, or to one side, as one would using a normal front-hinged door, the FlexDoor allows unimpeded forward access/egress to and from the cabin, enhanced further by the Meriva's exceptionally high roof line."

As we have previously reported, the 2011 Meriva will be available with six turbocharged engines with outputs ranging from 75 to 140 PS. On average, the engines will have a 15% improvement in fuel efficiency and 25 g/km reduction in CO2 emissions.

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