Video describes, with sketches, the distinguishing design features of the new A1. Most notable will be the contiguous shoulder line that starts at the front grille and extends all the way to the rear hatch of the car.

When an automaker releases a teaser like this, you can bet it will be light on details and laden with vague, inspired language.

But here we have an A1 designer himself, Jürgen Löffler, talking about the styling signatures of the new model.

Although we do get a look at an A1 model sitting on the design table, more importantly, we get a description of what will be a distinguishing design feature of the new A1. That is, it's shoulder line.

And this is how Audi explains it in the press release:

"...the shoulder line wraps completely around an Audi model like a clasp. It begins up front with the single-frame grille, extends over the front lights and the side to the tail lights and the rear hatch."

Löffler likens the look of the A1 to a sprinter's starting stance.

"This detail is best explained with reference to a track and field athlete. The more muscular and broader the shoulders of a 100-meter sprinter, the more solid his or her starting position," says Löffler, the man who designed the exterior of the A1.

Another design feature will be the color-contrasted roof arch which runs from the A-pillar to the top end corner of the car. Customers will be able to order it in different colors. Also, the windscreen on the A1 is more upright than on most Audi models, while the rear window comes with a distinct slant.

Engines expected to power the new compact include, on the petrol/gasoline side, a 1.2 liter with 86 hp, a 122 hp 1.4 liter, and a turbo 1.4 liter with 170 hp. Diesel offerings are likely also taken from VW's stable of powerplants, such as the 1.6 liter with 90 hp and the 2.0 liter TDI with 140 hp.

The A1 is scheduled to make its debut at the Geneva auto show in March. It is expected to go on sale later in the year.

Many more A1 teaser are expected in the coming days/weeks.


Audi A1 Body Design Teaser [Video]