Love the Ariel Atom, but hate that it only offers two seats? If so, you might be interested in the WR3 V-Storm from SDR Sports Cars.

With its UK debut at the Exeter Kit Car Show back in November, and then yesterday at Autosport International, the V-Storm has a McLaren F1-style seating arrangement with a center-mounted driver's seat and two rear passenger seats. More importantly, the V-storm features a modular chassis design which allows owners to quickly change the engine for added performance.

Speaking of the engine, power comes from a four-cylinder Subaru boxer engine with more than 300 bhp. This allows the 700kg V-storm to have "staggering mid-range acceleration" and a 0-60 mph time in the lower three second range.

According to Simon Dickens, SDR's managing director, "I wanted to develop something new and exciting that gets the pulse racing and offers the thrills of a Seven, but with dramatic modern styling and the capability of carrying three people."

Gallery: SDR Sportscars WR3 V-Storm Debuts at AutoSport International [Video]

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