The Jota will be lighter than its predecessor and come with a direct-injection V12 engine with around 700 hp

Here are some of the very first spy shots of the Lamborghini Murcielago successor in full body form.

The supercar, allegedly to be renamed the Jota, was caught doing some winter testing in sub-zero temperatures on a VW/Audi test track somewhere in Scandinavia. Our spy photographer reports that the temperature was around -25C (-13F).

The Jota is expected to be about the same size as the Murcielago - as judged by our spy photographer. But it will come with some serious upgrading, including a new V12, direct-injection engine with around 700 hp. The successor to the Murcielago will also be lighter, substituting the current steel tube latticework for an aluminum space frame. Body paneling will be made of carbon fiber and the doors and roof possibly out of aluminum.

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A new all-wheel drive system from Swedish supplier Haldex is also rumored.

Design-wise the Jota will be borrowing some styling cues from the Estoque and Reventon. But as is obvious from the photos here of an all-in-black test vehicle, the car remains the archetypal, lane-straddling Lamborghini.